UV Care Portable Germinator 2.0

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The #UVCarePortableGerminator 2.0 is your new best friend for extra convenient sterilization of spaces of up to 10 square meters.

Charge it then easily carry it to your chosen space for sterilizing. Eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, molds and viruses on surfaces on items in your cabinet or storage box, inside your car or items in your grocery luggage! It’s compact enough to slip inside those smaller spaces and fully capable to sterilize via its powerful UV-C germicidal lamp and OZONE technology!

🕐 UVC Sterilize for 15 or 30 minutes
🕜 OZONE technology takes effect for the next 15 or 30 minutes after UVC Sterilization (Allot equivalent time for ozone downtime)
🔌 3 Hours Charging Time
ℹ️ Auto shuts off when any movement is detected within 5m

✅ Motion Sensor Activated (Auto Shuts Off when motion is detected)
✅ Sterilizes and Deodorizes (with its ozone technology)
✅ Can also be used for Cabinets, Storage Boxes and Luggage

6 months local warranty