E-Warranty Registration

Duration of warranty are stated on each product page. If there are no warranty mentioned, then the product is not under warranty. Warranty only covers on product defects or factory faulty. For more warranty details you may check the product brand. 

E-receipts are provided for warranty purposes. Please keep the receipt till the product’s warranty has ended. Losing the receipt is not our responsibility. 

Shipping of the product for warranty is at the owner’s cost.

Please click on the link below according to the product brand you’ve purchased. Each link will direct you to the brand’s warranty registration page and please read through what does their warranty covers. Some of the link required you to attached the e-receipt we have provided.

1. Crolla


Please choose Purchase made with: Dealer


2. Quinton


3. Princeton



4. Coby


Scroll down to customer care and click Warranty Registration