UV Care Multipurpose Sterilizer & Dryer

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Unit has 4 different soft-touch digital buttons namely POWER, STORAGE, UVC + HEAT and UVC STERILIZATION. Unit also has digital display of the sterilization time.

The UVC Sterilization function is suitable for Gadgets (Cameras, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, USBs, Mouse, Earphones, Car Keys, Remote Controls, Microphones), Watches, Jewelries, Bags, Wallets, Parcels, Makeup, Hair and Nail Tools and Accessories, Masks, Face Shields, Documents, Books, Magazines, Money, Scissors and other stainless tools, Groceries and Dry goods, Tumblers, Containers, Baby items and accessories, Toys and anything battery-operated.

Meanwhile, the Storage and UVC+Heat functions are especially applicable to materials that are washed and needs drying and can withstand high heat temperatures like Dinnerware/Kitchenware (Plates, Spoons, Bowls, Cups, Utensils), Glassware, high-grade Baby Bottles/Breast Pumps/Food containers and plasticware that are BPA free and heat resistant (can withstand 70°C internal temperature). Just need to shake off excess water before storing inside. Dry heat does not cause corrosion of metal instruments, but may damage anything electronic with batteries and non-BPA plastics.

Moreover, It has a 33 liter volume capacity so multiple items can be sterilized at the same time. Its interior is made out of reflective stainless steel material so the UV rays will bounce around the inside of the unit, making sure that all items are well-sterilized even if the item is not placed directly under the UV light.

1 year local warranty