Suzuran Wet cleaning Cotton 60pcs

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Your Ideal Baby Oral Wipes
Keeping a good oral hygiene for your baby since birth is essential for your baby's oral health and future permanent teeth.

Cleaning your baby's gums and tongue with Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton on a daily basis keeps oral cavities away for your baby's healthy teeth development. It is safe to use for newborn baby from 0-month onwards.

A Multipurpose Wipe for Baby & Mommy
Made with 100% pure cotton and contains only 100% purified water, our Wet Cleaning Cotton is sterilised with high steam pressure and individually packaged in alumina packs for hygiene purposes. It can be used to:

  • Clean baby’s mouth (gums, tongue and oral cavities) and other sensitive areas (eyes, ear, etc).
  • Clean nipples and finger before / after breastfeeding
  • Clean baby bottle teats, pacifiers and teether
  • Clean wounds