Suzuran Baby Gauze Handkerchief 5pcs

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Large, Soft & Ultra-lightweight
Our washable and reusable cotton gauze handkerchief has larger surface as compared to normal handkerchief to help parents keep the mess at bay.

This soft, gentle and ultra-lightweight handkerchief is space-saving when kept in baby's wardrobe or diaper bag. Plus, it dries quickly too so there will be no odor. 

Highly Absorbent & Multipurpose 
Made from 100% cotton gauze, our handkerchief is highly absorbent and breathable. Stains can be removed easily just by handwashing it.

You can use our handkerchief for all purposes, including but not limited to:
• Padding while feeding
 Cleaning and wiping sweat
 Use as washcloth during bath time
• Use as burp cloth 

Product Care:

Washing method: Hand wash or machine wash with gentle cycle or low spin.

Water temperature: Cold water (less than 35°C). Warm or hot water will shrink the fabric.

Detergent: Baby detergent/mild detergent.

Drying: Hang dry under the sun.

Note: Using a dryer will shrink the fabric a little. If you have to use a dryer, set the temperature as low as possible.

Product Details:

Product Dimension:
30 x 30cm

100% pure Japan medical use standard absorbent cotton gauze

Product Packaging: