Suzuran Antibacterial Cut Cotton 120pcs

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Choose Gentle, Choose Cotton
Say no to diaper rash and keep your baby away from allergens and irritants with our 100% plant-based, non-allergenic and biodegradable Antibacterial Cut Cotton. 

Our lint-free Antibacterial Cut Cotton has larger surface for more efficient cleaning, and it is soft and gentle on baby's s delicate skin. Plus, you can use it wet or dry.

Soft Cotton for Clean Bums
Our Antibacterial Cut Cotton is suitable for daily cleaning on baby / child and mother. It is ideal for:

  • Cleaning baby’s genitals and diaper area when changing diaper (recommend to use with lukewarm water when cleaning baby)
  • Prenatal/post-physiological cleaning
  • Cleaning wounds
  • Use as cosmetic pads (facial cotton)