R+F Walker XXL Pants 16kg+

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Rascal + Friends premium unisex nappies are made with no nasties, without compromising that all important performance. With no latex, lotions, fragrances, and only water-based inks, Rascal + Friends nappies are gentle on babies' delicate skin. Designed with premium features, all to help prevent sneaky leaks (and big explosions) - our nappies will help to keep your rascal dry all night and comfy all day!

Rascal + Friends premium nappies feature:

1. Super soft 3D core, for an increased absorbency area;
2. Unique deep pocket to help reduce overflow;
3. High back waistband, designed to handle on-the-go movement and help stop poonamis;
4. 3D leak guards, an extra layer of protection snug on your rascal's leg;
5. Custom designed grip tabs for a more secure fit; and
6. A cute rascal design for the most stylish baby bums around!

Our nappies are also proudly certified:

- OEKO-TEX Standard 100
- Made with FSC sustainable pulp
- Dermatest certified
- Biochecked Non-Glyphosate
- Cruelty free and vegan by PETA

Premium performance, feather soft and no nasties.
Try us, love us.

Walker XXL Pants Jumbo Pack contains 40 nappies and is suitable for toddlers 16kgs above.