YouHa Milk Collector

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YOUHA Breastmilk Collector is designed to use natural suction to collect breast milk. With a simple press and release to active suction, it helps moms to collect every drop of precious breast pump during breast feeding and pumping.

* Easy to use and clean
* Adjustable suction pressure
* Food grade silicone + PP, BPA free
* Replacement of nursing pad
* Light weight and comfortable
* Capacity 4 oz/120 ml

Press the silicone bag then the Breast milk Collector will collect breast milk by natural suction.

It contains up to 4oz/120ml of breast milk.The flat bottom can make sure it stands upright to prevent spill.
Use natural suction to collect breast milk ,low noise .Not disturb your baby sweet.
The breast milk collector are reusable and easy to clean,dry and place it back in the breast .The soft silicone pad provides a good fit,it is comfortable for mothers to wear for long periods of time.Not only the milk collector,but also the nipple protective cover,which can prevent friction and protect the nipple.