Princeton Double Layer Cooler Bag

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This premium breast milk storage cooler bag is the best companion for busy breastfeeding moms

- Are you having trouble finding a suitable bag to put and store your breast milk on the way?

- Do you want to keep them in a bag for your baby home when you are out or in the office?

- Another layer can be used for your baby's small objects.

- Keep the temperature over 2-6 hours at room temperature. The highest the food temperature is, the longer time of keeping food is.

- 1 ice packs estimate can keep breast milk cool for 8-12 hours; 2 ice packs estimate can keep breast milk cool for 16-24 hours.

- Stylish double layer bag

- Ideal for carrying out fresh milk and food

- Easy handle and carry


To carry this bag, you can either use handle on top or sling using the 1.6-meter removable strap or bag pack style. 

The insulated wipeable lining keeps bottles/food warm or cold for a long time.

With ice packs (sold separately), the effect is better



Weight: 400g +/-