Pikalula Nappy Bags Jumbo (200pcs)

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This jumbo pack consists of
200 pieces of scented disposable bags. The size of each bag is 37cm x 16cm which can roughly hold 3 used diapers.

  1. Biodegradable
  2. Easy to dispense
  3. Odour neutralising with secured lid packaging
  4. Hygienic tie-up handles

Pikalula Nappy Bags are made from EPI's TDPA™ (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives), which means that they are 100% degradable and once degraded, will leave no trace of plastics. Each bag can be easily pulled out (like tissue!) since they are individual pieces that you don't need to tear apart. The fresh light scent we specially formulated is odour neutralising and disguises any unpleasant smells. Compact outer packaging is fitted with a lid that preserves the scent yet doesn't interfere with dispensing. With tie-up handles, the bags can be knotted up tight to contain messes, leaks and funky odours.

Pikalula Nappy Bags have so many uses: nappy bag for dirty diapers, barf bag for expecting mommies or car-sick kiddos, laundry bag to separate soiled clothes from clean clothes, wet bag after swimming at the beach, sanitary bag for ladies, garbage bag for long road trips, or even a pet waste disposal bag.

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