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I'm a bib

For making cleaning easier while nurturing self-feeding, so HEORSHE made bibs out of softer, dust-proof silicone and designed larger openings to catch food falling from the baby's mouth, while keeping the baby's dining area clean. HEORSHE uses the simplest color scheme so that babies are not attracted by bright colors and are more focused. 

6 buttom placement setted to meet the needs of each stage of baby growth

To adapt to growing baby,we have designed 6 neck gear positions, more accurate and convenient for infants of different sizes and ages.  25mm soft side band, can evenly distribute the weight,  bib is less than 100g, does not cause any pressure to the baby's neck.  

Silicone bib with food collector

The curve of the bib fits the baby's body, and the leak-proof groove at the bottom has more space to deepen, which can perfectly hold the food dropped by the baby when eating, so as to reduce waste and make cleaning more convenient for parents.  

Dustproof and hygienic upgraded material

I’m a bib has been specially upgraded with a silicone texture that reduces dust stickiness by more than 75%, simple complex with no pattern printing  making the bib safer and healthier.

Fold freely for easy storage

Bib is made of pure silica gel material, soft and safe, it can be folded freely without leaving any trace, going out easily doesn't take up space, and can be stored anywhere.