Comfy Living Buckwheat Pillow

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Size : 14cm x 33cm x 2.5cm
Pillow Cover : 100% Jersey Cotton
Filling : 100% Bucket Wheat

Our Comfy Living Buckwheat Hull pillow is designed to keep your baby calm while they are sleeping. Gently place the pillow on their tummy to provide them a sense of security. Buckwheat Hull pillows are naturally firm and is resistant to pressure.

Therefore, this resistance allows air gaps to remain in between the hull, which provides breathability and coolness to your baby's body.  

On top of that, Buckwheat pillow hulls shift and adjust to conform to the shape of your shoulder, head and spine, allowing for the most optimum and natural growth for your baby. 

Note: Keep pillow away from baby’s face and ensure that it does not cover baby’s mouth and nose during use.

Take Note :
*Please allow 1-3cm slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
**Due to different screen display, color might vary slightly different with actual product.