PREORDER Buds Organic Head to Toe Cleanser (425ml)

PREORDER Buds Organic Head to Toe Cleanser (425ml)

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Size:  425ml

With Aloe Vera

As your babe grows, the immune system strengthens day by day and the skin is no longer as thin as newborn and they are ready to explore the world with little help.

  • Our mild and hydrating Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser is perfect for active little babes.
  • However, if your babe has very dry or sensitive skin, our Super Soothing Hydrating Cleanser is just the right thing.
  • Continue to protect and moisturise your babe’s still-tender skin with our rich and protective Everyday Baby Cream.
  • This cream is packed with all the right ingredients – Jojoba, Shea Butter, Fructan, Portulaca Extract, and Vitamin E – to nourish and protect the skin from pollutants, bacteria and environmental aggressors.

Best for

Babes from 12 months young, their siblings as well as parents who loves to get involved in the process.



Suitable for growing babes, this gentle amino acid and sugar-based cleanser is combined with soothing, hydrating Aloe Vera to cleanse and nurture your growing babe’s skin.


How to Use

As babes grow, they tend to require more thorough cleaning.  Squirt some into the bath water or onto a wet flannel and wipe down, starting with the head and working downwards towards the feet.