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Led UV Sterilizer 17L- Description

- Boboduck UV sterilizer can kill up to 99.9% virus and bacteria.
- UV disinfection cabinet can ensure a family life health and sanitation.
- Sterilizer can prevent all kinds of infectious disease to spread through alimentary canal effectively.
- UVC LED lamp disinfection and boiling water disinfection is currently the Safest physical sterilization mode.


  • Safe & long lasting; 360 degree rotary disinfection ensure sterilisation of all dead zones.
  • UV-C LED mercury free lamp beads.
  • Sterilisation rate 99.99%.
  • Multifunctional_6 Modes: Auto, UVC, Drying, Storage, Yogurt Maker, Fruit Dehydrating
  • Big capacity- Fit 9pcs wide neck bottles or 12pcs standard neck bottles at once.
  • 8k crystal diamond mirror diffraction technology to ensures full coverage sterilization with no blind spots.
  • Sterile storage for 24 hours to avoid secondary pollution.
  • Safety trigger system. Pause the operation if the door is opened.

1 year warranty