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Mustela Cicastela Moisture Recovery Cream | 40ml | 0M+

Treat your little one’s bumps and blemishes with the Mustela Cicastela Repairing Cream, a soothing multipurpose cream for all skin types.

Gentle enough for newborns, the Mustela Cicastela Repairing cream is a first-aid box essential for any parent or guardian. And with a non-sticky and non-greasy texture, kids will also be onboard.

An effective treatment for; minor grazes, scratches, chickenpox marks, insect bites, nappy rash and irritations around the mouth, this calming lotion is a definite multitasker. Plus, with a 91% natural and fragrance-free formula, this reparative cream gently tends to your little one’s skin without overloading it.

Helping to repair skin through hydrating hyaluronic acid, the formula also features panthenol to provide an instant and long-lasting soothing sensation. What’s more, this lotion purifies the epidermis using copper-zinc, while Avocado Perseose® builds a protective barrier on the skin to speed up the recovery process and give a boost of moisture.

The final touch is the slim nozzle top, which allows you to apply the healing cream to the affected area with absolute precision.

Why We Love It

Mustela’s Cicastela Repairing Cream has undergone intensive clinical testing to make sure that it treats your tot’s minor injuries effectively. As a result, this cream is proven to help reduce sensations of irritation, while keeping your child’s skin supple and soft after use. With such impressive results and a surprisingly affordable price tag, this is a must-have for the home.

How To Use It

This cream can be applied to the mouth area, red patches, skin folds, redness in the nappy area, scratches, traces of chickenpox and insect bites.

Apply twice a day to clean and dry affected areas. Do not apply to oozing areas. If there is no change in skin appearance, consult a doctor.

Works Well With

Although this is a great treatment for minor injuries, it’s also important to keep your little one feeling comfortable and hydrated on a daily basis, by using a gentle lotion or calming balm. No matter your child’s skin type, Mustela has the perfect formula!