Love Earth Nourish Mum Flaxseed Choco Chip Cookies

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With Nourish-Mum's Flaxseeds Choco Chip Cookies, it will help boost milk production and enriched your breastfeeding journey. From selecting the best ingredients, to perfecting these cookies, everything is handled with care. Baked with love for all super-mummies and her bundle of joy.


Star Ingredients:


A clover-like herb with its seeds having a long history of use as a herbal galactogogue. Fenugreek has a faint odour similar to that of maple syrup.

*A galactagogue is a food that's thought to boost your production of breast milk.


A good source of iron and it increases milk supply as low iron is one of the major reasons for poor milk secretion. 

👍🏻Brewer’s Yeast

A nutrient packed supplement that is rich in B-vitamins and amino acids essential for nursing moms.