Terms & conditions

T&C on orders:
  • Payment only via bank in.
  • No cancellation or changes after payment is made.
  • Preorder items may be delayed sometimes and we are not deemed for the delay. Please note that preorder items may be delayed due to shipping or custom declaration. Also expect delays during festive seasons.
  • Your order will be processed once confirmed.

  • You may book for payday (within 30 days) but strictly no cancellation/changes to be made. No deposits are required for booking. You must follow the instructions provided on the check out page to proceed for booking. Items will only be delivered/ready to collect once payment made. Payday booking are not accepted on promotion items.

    If item(s) booked are instock, we will prioritize those who made payment first. As for those who booked will be on queue for next restock. Thus if you need it urgently, it is recommended to make payment at the soonest.

    Payment not received after 2 days of due date considered order canceled. If fail to pay, we will post your full details on our social media. Pls understand this term, as this kind of cancellation will cause lots of inconveniences for us

T&C on collection:

  • Small packages (eg. clothing) are to be collect within 14 days.
  • Bulky packages (eg. playpen, carseats) and electronic items (eg. sterilizer) are to be collect within 7 days.
  • If packages are not collected after 20 days, we will not be responsible for any faulty or loss.
  • Package not collected after 2 months will be considered forfeit and no refund will be given.
  • We will be sending texts to remind customers on collection. However if texts are ignored and no collection after 2 months, package will be forfeited. 
  • Non refundable after 3 days of receiving the item (for non warranty products). So please check as soon as you have received your orders.
  • Please understand that we have limited space here, thus we are unable to hold your order too long.