Imani Gen i2+ Charging Dock

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Imani i2+ Dual Charging Dock is a stylish Charging Dock that allows you to charge your Imani i2+, both at a go! Besides charging, you can use it as a storage box to keep your breast pumps when not in use! Making it easy to bring out too! No need for a storage bag/ ziplock bag/special bag to keep the pumps when you are on the move!

  • Only compatible with i2+ breast pumps
  • Stylish and sleek charging design
  • Double up as a storage container that is easy to bring around
  • Keeps your i2+ breast pumps clean
  • Alternative to cable charging
  • Comes with 3 months local warranty by supplier 

Please note that this charging dock does not come with the breast pumps as featured in the product images. 

Does not come with plug. You may use your own plug.