Hoppi [Carton] Water Wet Wipes (80’s x 3)

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  1. Super Soft & Super Absorbent

    Made with embossed cross non-woven spunlace - ensuring an incredible soft & gentle touch on your baby’s skin while being strong and effective for adsorbing moisture. 
  2. Extra Thick & Large Cotton Fabric 

    Large wet wipe with 150 x 140mm in dimensions and 50gsm in thickness (40% thicker than wipes in the market). More cleaning and less leakage with one wipe.
  3. For Sensitive Skin

    Baby Wipes are made with 99% pure EDI water, and are fragrance-free, alcohol-free and also paraben-free. Baby Antibacterial Wipes are alcohol-free with a soothing lemon scent. Both are designed & tested to be safe for newborns and sensitive skin.



What's in the bundle ?
12 packs x Baby Wet Wipes 80's
= 960 Wipes

Product features

✅ 50gsm, extra thick

✅ 99% pure EDI water

✅ Super soft & moist

✅ For sensitive skin/newborn

✅ Fragrance-free, alcohol-free