HEORSHE Day & Night Pacifier

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Package comes in 2 pacifiers
No nipple confusion

Breast imitation design make baby feel like mom, keep your baby locked up safely and happily. Day & Night Pacifier is carefully designed to prevent the pacifier from being confused and ease the transition between the baby's breast and the pacifier!  

Day and night, different nipple design

Designed according to the occlusal Angle of baby's deciduous teeth when sucking. Round head imitation breast feeding for daytime, evening with a flat pacifier, long sucking not buck teeth, to avoid affecting the baby's face.

Designed with Intergrated mould

Day & Night Pacifier is molded in one piece, so you don't have to worry about parts falling off to cause a swallowing hazard. Panel arc design, match baby mouth contour, comfortable and make baby like suction. The shape anti-colic design, more breathable with dual vent. 

Dustproof and hygienic upgraded material

Day & Night Pacifier has been specially upgraded with a silicone texture that reduces dust stickiness by more than 75%, making the Pacifier safer and healthier.  



  • Matte Texture, Closer To The Skin
  • Little Friction No Redness To Tongue
  • BPA Free,100% Food Grade Silicone
  • 360° Sucking,Lighter And Softer
  • Less Friction, No Red Nose
  • Gentle On Gums And Teeth. 
  • Microwave and Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Max Heat-Resistant 200℃/392℉