Hegen Bottle Brush & Teat Cleaner

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Ergonomically designed to maximise cleaning with minimal effort, the Hegen bottle brush is made of soft nylon bristles that are gentle to any type of bottle materials. Our user-centric brushes can be used for all containers and bottles, wide or standard neck.

The extra-soft, removable TPE ribbed-tipped handle is specially made for cleaning teats and other hard to reach places ensuring cleanliness with minimal risks of damage.

Our Hegen bottle brush and teat cleaner is fully steam and UV sterilisable.

1. Detachable Teat Cleaner

The teat cleaner is detachable for a thorough cleaning of baby bottles harder to reach corners and lines.

2. Shaped for Easy Cleaning

Hegen's bottle brush has a unique curved brush head for easy cleaning.

3. Ergonomically Shaped

Ergonomically shaped for a secure hold and for air drying.