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ETA 3-4 weeks

Low heat drying process
Powerful Sterilization with dual PHILIPS UV Lamps
Can safely sterilise many things like baby bottles, nipples, toys, personal belongings, electronic devices and kitchen utensils.
Tested 99.9% effective to kill bacteria
Super mirror on all sides for effective sterilization
Multiple sterilization and storage mode options to choose
 (i) Sterilization : option to sterilise only for 10 or 15 minutes
 (ii) Drying : option to dry only for 30,40 or 50 minutes
(iii) Drying and Sterilization : option to dry and sterilise for 30,40 or 50 minutes
(iv) Auto: option to dry for 5 minutes, followed by sterilization for another 5 minutes in every 2 hours cycle. 
(v) Combination of (i)+(iv)
(vi) Combination of (ii)+(iv) 
Easy to control and operate with touch screen buttons
Easy to use and maintain
Bigger space inside to hold up to 14 wide neck bottles and accessories
Big screen with LED display
Comes with security door switch which will stop all operations automatically when the door is opened during operation (for safety reason)
BPA Free
1 year warranty

(a) Advisable to use wet wipes to clean the inner part of steriliser every 1-2 days and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth for effective sterilization and drying process.
(b) Do not stack all the items on top of each other, instead spread out in order to receive the UV rays evenly.