Medistick Plus

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MEDiSTiCK Plus+ is a portable kit that produces chlorine dioxide gas which is 99.9% effective for reducing bacteria & viruses!

4 main functions in a single stick!

✅99.9% Sterilization
✅99.9% Strong Airborne Sanitization
✅99.8% Deodorant Against Bad Smell
✅Remove Molds and Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

💯 Harmless to the human body
💯 Vegan & natural ingredients

Each stick contains an internal diffuser which is activated by bending the stick until a snapping sound is made. The liquid in the tube will activate and turn yellow. Each stick is good for use until the liquid in the tube turns clear.

MEDiSTiCK Plus is 100% vegan and made with natural ingredients, avoiding the harmful toxins found in many household products such as other disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorants.

How to use?
Snap ▶️ Shake ▶️ Protect