Luma Touch Zeus II Milk Warmer & Sterilizer

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The Luma Touch Zeus II Baby Multifunction Milk Warmer will compliment you on your daily life with 6 modes that built-in our product which is:
🍼 Warm Milk
Our warmer circulates warm water around bottles placed inside. This gentle method ensures even heating, and it doesn’t take too long either.
🍼 Heat Up
Milk or baby food is warmed slowly, and kept warm at the right temperature for when you need it.
🍼 Warm Food
As well as baby bottles, you can also use the bottle warmer to gently and evenly warm baby food.
🍼 Sterilise
Steam sterilises small items to kill harmful germs.
🍼 Defrost
The bottle warmer features a handy defrost setting. Simply select the setting to defrost frozen milk or baby food.
🍼 Quick Warm
The bottle warmer will warm 5oz of milk in just any minutes.

💡Night light
For your convenience at night
1 x Lumatouch ZEUS II 6-in-1 MULTI-FUNCTION Baby Milk Double Warmer

6 months warranty