Cocoon Zip Swaddle

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Suitable for 3 months above

65 x 35cm

Fabric Type : 100% Cotton
Machine Washable : Yes

About this item:
💮 FOLDOVER MITTEN CUFFS - Open so baby can suck on hand to self sooth. Close if concerned about facial scratches.
💮 BREATHABLE COTTON - Our sleep sack is soft, gentle and comfortable on baby's sensitive skin. Perfect for keeping baby warm in an air-conditioned room.
💮 SAFE AND SECURE - The secure design of this swaddle creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents startle reflex that can wake your child.
💮 2-WAY ZIPPER - Unzips from the top - easy to place baby in sack. Unzips from the Bottom - convenient for diaper changing without removing swaddle.
💮 ZIPPER PROTECTOR - Protects baby’s chin from being scratched.
💮 DURABLE - Machine washable for years.